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Frequently Asked Questions


Why digital marketing is important for branding?

Digital marketing is a powerful way to build brand presence and raise awareness of the brand and services. The most important thing is that it’s easy to find the target audience online. Online marketing can be used in two different ways: Pay per click advertising and Organic traffic. Pay-per-click advertising is a simple, fast, and proven way to get results. On top of that, organic traffic is more useful for branding than traffic from search engines, because people are coming to the website because they are interested in the information or the brand. The organic traffic will be the customers who will be looking for the products and services. These kinds of customers are more likely to come back and buy again.

What is Digital Marketing and will my business benefit from digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the methods of marketing where you can showcase your product or service on online platforms using different marketing strategies. What you want to your audience to see and how you want them to perceive your business is the key.

Every business is not the same. But going Digital is definitely ‘a necessity’ in today’s world where 95% of the target audience are available online. Whether it’s to increase online traffic, gain customers or make more sales, digital marketing can help you achieve your goals.

Our skilled team is here to provide a thorough insight on how your business can get better results via digital marketing. Go ahead and book your appointment now!

What services do we provide?

We provide services of Website developmentE-commerce websites solutions, Digital Marketing (SEOSocial Media marketing), Ad CampaignsWebsite maintenance & securityVideo creation. Please check out “Our Services” page to know more about the services we provide.

How much does each of the service cost?

SEOSocial MediaWebsite developmentwebsite maintenance & security and Video creation services have got the pricing plans mentioned on their respective pages. We do provide good discounts from time to time. We would love to have a chat to explain the features and costs of the services.

Do you provide custom packages?

Yes, we do provide custom packages as per your requirements. Please share your custom requirements:

Can you guarantee results on any of the services?

We can’t provide any guarantee as we work on the applications/tools/services provided by the 3rd party vendors. For example We work through the parameters and rules set by Google to get the website to rank on their search engine. Website rankings fluctuate when Google makes changes to their search algorithms. The same way we have to work through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other of these marketing platforms. We can only provide guarantee towards our commitment, quality, transparency and working to the best of the capabilities to provide the results and help clients grow their business.

Will I be locked for a long-term contract?

Lock-in period is only for cost-effective website plans. We can guarantee that no one can match these plans. There is no lock-in period for any other services.

Why should I choose you?
  • Experienced Team
  • Delivered several quality projects in the last 12 years
  • Happy Clients
  • Please check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot and OneFlare
  • Providing services at affordable costs
  • Transparent and passionate to help clients to grow their business
How do I contact WebGlobals?

Below are a few options to contact WebGlobals Team: