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Website Security

For your website.




Our system not only removes trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, and any malicious code from PHP, HTML, images, or system files but provides a built-in file editor to examine potential issues yourself. You have the option of restoring everything quickly due to auto-backups.


Firewall Protection against the most rampant attacks

Our firewall serves as a shield that loads before your website does and receives every request to the site.

Our firewall protects against:

  • Harmful requests
  • Content grabbing
  • XSS attacks
  • Attempts of SQL Injections
  • Lines of malicious code
  • Blacklists

Monitoring of Blacklists and URL Scanning

Our system scans at least 60+ blacklists routinely and notifies you if any of your websites are part of a blacklist. Additionally, our website security application also conducts exterior site scans, whereby it checks HTML pages and identifies links that have phishing characteristics. In short, you get accurate malware detection without needing server access.

What kind of risks could be making you vulnerable?


DDoS Attacks

Hackers may abuse e-commerce channels and supply chains by driving digital traffic through fake orders or email queries. In this type of attack, an operational network system overload may occur, and the website could experience significant downtimes.

Email Fraud

Cyber attackers may pretend to be business partners or suppliers and request payments for fake orders.

Ransomware attack

Dropshipping is a type of fulfillment in which a business doesn’t keep any inventory on hand. Instead, the business lists products for sale and forwards those orders to the supplier. A hacker might encrypt a retailer’s critical data and decrypt it only after the payment of a ransom.

Cybersecurity threats continue to grow by the day, and a single powerful attack is enough to result in irreparable damage to your business.


Key Features

  • Automatic cleanup of malware infections
  • Routine scans for malware
  • Patch management of vulnerabilities
  • Safe automatic cleanup
  • Guaranteed site stability after cleanups
  • Malware removal process done within seconds rather than hours
  • Does not require high levels of server bandwidth or extreme server CPU load
  • Seamlessly function with PHP websites and popular content management platforms such as WordPress and Joomla


Be in Better control of your website’s security

The only way to safeguard your business in the long-run is to have a tight grip on your website’s security. You can manage your website’s security without having to install anything simply and intuitively. With evolving data breach threats, you must protect your website with a robust anti-malware solution.