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What is a sitemap, and why should we use it?

When you make a website, you are primarily looking for ways to enhance its visibility. In order to engage your audience, you need to ensure that your website is ranked ahead. Here, a sitemap can be of great use. Creating relatable content enhances readability. But along with technicalities like content, keyword and SEO optimisation, etc. It is essential to have a sitemap ready for all your websites.

What Is A Sitemap?

A site map is a great way to quickly index your website’s content and make it easier to find. The search engines also love them. They are a valuable tool for web pages and search engine optimisation. Site maps are incredibly instrumental in helping the user to navigate and reach your website.

Sitemaps are an essential tool for every website. It helps search engines to crawl your website. It also allows you to create a logical flow to your website, which will enable users to have a great user experience. These are mostly XML or HTML files that fetch the entire website quickly.

Where Should We Place a Sitemap On Our Website?

Websites that place a sitemap on their website have a high chance of appearing on Google’s first page. There are a couple of ways of identifying the sitemap on a website. It lists a website’s content and helps users find detailed information on the website.

Having a sitemap on a new website can be an excellent option for helping site visitors navigate to specific website areas. But what if your website is quite large? Where should you place a sitemap on your website? It is ideal for placing your sitemap at the root of your website server.

Benefits Of A Sitemap

A sitemap helps a website to grow enormously. It enhances the website’s reach, which in turn increases the website traffic.

  • Organising Large Websites: Managing the data becomes a significant issue with huge websites. Creating a Sitemap can be extremely helpful in such a scenario as it helps maintain order and provides increased clarity to the website.
  • Complete Project Management: Sitemaps help figure out the major projects by fixing the website techniques. It also is instrumental in assessing the SEO techniques. It provides access to taxonomy and hierarchy.
  • Highlights Your Website: It highlights your website and ensures its availability to leading search engines. It creates relative algorithms that help your website attract organic traffic.
  • Enhances Search Engine Crawlers: Sitemaps are crucial for the search engine crawlers to prioritise your websites. It helps figure out the relative content and accelerates the website in the crawl queue.
  • Increases Website Visibility: XML and HTML sitemaps ensure your website is effectively visible in all the search engines. It also helps in increasing the visibility of the websites.

How To Create A Sitemap For Our Website?

A few sitemap generators access your URLs and create a practical algorithm. Once generated, you can place the files on your server. There are two major types of sitemaps created. They can be described as follows:

  • Static Sitemap
  • Dynamic Sitemap

Static Sitemap: It generally uses the manual method to create the website URL. The XML is manually created and uploaded to the server in this method. Here you will need to regenerate and reupload the file every time.

Dynamic Sitemap: Usually, the URLs are automatically created and uploaded to the servers while using WordPress. Such a process is known as a dynamic sitemap. This software is also convenient as it updates the server every time the content is uploaded or removed.


Sitemaps are essential for most websites as they provide you with effective URLs that help search engines prioritise your websites. There are various types of sitemaps available for you. Using static or dynamic sitemaps is dependent on the requirements of the websites. It provides a description and address of all the pages on a website. When a search engine accesses your site, it uses this site map to get the detail of each of your pages.

A sitemap or website map is an essential tool to have. It can help you better organise your website content, make it easier to navigate it, and ensure that all your new content is added. Sitemaps are a great way to keep everything organised and running smoothly.