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Welcome to WebGlobals

PPC Packages

Pay Per Click for your business.



Our PPC Packages include

  • Conversion tracking to determine the profitability of each keyword and ad.
  • Know your products and services in detail.
  • Run bid and budget experiments.
  • Creation of high-converting Ads.
  • In-depth keyword research.
  • Selecting profit only driving keywords.
  • Add negative keywords to prevent wasted spending.
  • A better-organized account structure.
  • Optimising landing pages.
  • Set up remarketing ads.
  • A/B split test to find the ad that works best.


Our PPC Packages include

  • Place ads on a variety of sites.
  • Configure conversion and call tracking.
  • Reporting and communication.
  • Competitor research.
  • Set up different types of ad extensions.
  • Control searches that trigger your ad.
  • Target your ads to only locations you serve.
  • Use of Ad scheduling.
  • Improve quality score.
  • Drive calls to your business.

Pay Per Click(PPC) Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Adwords?

This is one of the most popular Ad systems in the world! It allows businesses to create ads on Google search engine results. This helps in generating leads and increasing traffic to your website. There are also multiple advantages from Google Adwords. To discuss more about Google Adwords and to avail our services, book an appointment with our expert team.

How does WebGlobals manage Google Adwords?

We perform keyword research to identify what is most suitable and profitable for your business and make regular adjustments to the campaigns. These adjustments will help us get better results for you and thus generate leads.