Digitising Home Shopping: A Case Study on
JYS Depot's Ecommerce Website Development

Meet 'Home by JYS Depot,' a straightforward Ecommerce website developed by Team WebGlobals. JYS Depot offers a variety of products, from toiletries to muscle rubs. The website was designed collaboratively to meet the specific needs of JYS Depot's team.

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JYS Depot’s Journey

  • Ecommerce Website Design and Development

JYS Depot’s Vision for Collaboration

Website Design and Development

Develop a user-friendly Ecommerce website for JYS Depot, seamlessly showcasing their diverse product range from toiletries to muscle rubs. Ensure an intuitive and efficient online shopping experience that aligns with JYS Depot's brand identity and specific requirements.

Strategies Implemented to fulfil JYS Depot’s Vision


Prioritised a user-friendly design for the Ecommerce website, focusing on intuitive navigation and efficient functionality.


Seamlessly showcased JYS Depot's diverse product range on the website, ensuring clarity, accessibility, and an engaging online shopping experience.

Measuring Our Impact


Product uploads on Website


Client satisfaction