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Best Event Management Software

Organizing events becomes a snap in this world of seamless event management, given to you by WebGlobals. Regardless of your business’s size, our best event management software is your partner in streamlining the complexities of event planning for organizations.


Best Event Management

Organizing events becomes a snap in this world of seamless event management, given to you by WebGlobals. Regardless of your business’s size, our best event management software is your partner in streamlining the complexities of event planning for organizations.

WebGlobals is the Best At

Making Event Management Easy and Fruitful

Our mission is to make event planning accessible and fun for everyone in a world that is frequently overflowing with complexity. Imagine a hassle-free procedure that lets you concentrate on giving your guests experiences they won't soon forget. That is exactly the kind of simplicity that our program seeks to offer, without compromising on usefulness. We know planning an event can be a tangled mess. An endless amount of spreadsheets, misplaced tickets, and stressed-out volunteers may easily drive even the most experienced organiser to lose their mind. But with WebGlobals, you can discard the stress and embrace the delight. You can concentrate on the magic, the fascinating speakers, the delicious food, and the moments that leave a lasting impression, while our user-friendly platform handles all the technical details.

For the Art of Event Management

A Palette of Colourful Features

Our software comes equipped with an innovative Actionable QR Code system. Each attendee receives a unique QR code upon ticket purchase, enabling seamless check-ins at the event entrance. Whether using Android, and iOS phones, or dedicated QR code scanner devices, the process is simple and efficient.

Streamlined Attendee Verification

Verification is a breeze with our two-step QR code scanning process. Choose between automatic or manual verification to suit your event's needs. Enjoy a single-step auto check-in or opt for a two-step manual process, providing flexibility and control.

Tailored Attendee Management

Give each attendee a unique ticket ID, allowing for precise tracking and easy management from the admin dashboard. This personalized approach ensures a seamless experience for both organizers and guests.

Recurring Events Made Easy

Our software understands the need for recurring events. Plan daily, weekly, monthly, or annual gatherings effortlessly, with additional customization options for each recurrence. Say goodbye to repetitive planning tasks.

Interactive Event Calendar View

Simplify the registration process for your attendees with our interactive Event Calendar. Display events in daily, weekly, monthly, and annual views, providing a user-friendly experience and making it easier for attendees to register for multiple events.

Efficient Schedule Management

Plan events with ease by creating custom schedules. Repeat them seamlessly across multiple events, associating them with one or multiple speakers. This feature ensures a well-organized and cohesive event schedule.

Spotlight on Speakers and Organizers

Dedicate a single page to showcase the key contributors to your event. Provide attendees with speaker and organizer details, including names, short bios, social media links, and company URLs.

Flexible Event Configuration

Our software allows you to create both single and multiple events with varied starting and ending dates. This flexibility ensures that you can cater to diverse audiences and event structures effortlessly.

Multi-tier Ticket Pricing Options

Boost your event's appeal with multi-tier ticket pricing. Offer categories such as 'Early Bird,' 'Regular,' and 'VIP' with different prices, enticing attendees with attractive options.

Comprehensive Analytics Report

Stay informed with our detailed analytics report, tracking event guests and total ticket sales at a glance. Gain valuable insights to enhance future event planning and strategy.

Customizable Attendee Forms

Take control of the registration process by creating custom forms for attendees. Collect unlimited extra fields of information, ensuring you capture all necessary details seamlessly.

Secure Payments with Stripe

Enable users to make secure payments through our Stripe-supported payment gateway. Facilitate smooth and hassle-free transactions for event ticket purchases.

Venue Navigation with Google Maps

Make it easy for attendees to find your event venue by adding and displaying it on Google Maps. Enhance the overall event experience with simplified navigation

User-Friendly Dashboard for Event Details

Provide users with a convenient overview of purchased event details through a user-friendly dashboard. All the essential information is available at their fingertips, enhancing the overall user experience.

Dynamic Coupons for Event Promotions

Create multiple types of coupons, including percentage discounts, fixed cart discounts, or fixed product discounts to drive attendance and boost engagement for your events.

Empower Front-End Event Management

Authorize different users to create and manage events from the front end of your website. Foster collaboration and streamline event planning with this user-friendly feature.

PDF Certificate Builder for Attendees

Delight your attendees by allowing them to design and issue personalized PDF certificates with a single click. Recognize and appreciate their participation in your events effortlessly.

Additional Features for Peak Performance

  • Min-Max Ticket Purchase Restriction: Control ticket volume per purchase.
  • Event Countdown Timer: Create excitement with a visual countdown clock.
  • One-Click Attendee Ticket Status Update: Manage attendee data efficiently.
  • Notification Email Update: Keep everyone informed with automated emails.
  • Invoice Printing and Download: Streamline financial management.
  • User Role and Permission: Assign specific access levels for efficient collaboration.
  • Time-zone Support for Event: Cater to audiences across the globe.
  • Event Specific Banner: Personalize your event's visual identity.
  • Event FAQ: Address common questions to help your attendees.

The Perfect Website Equipped with the Right Features

The event management software we've talked about is essentially a website created by WebGlobals. This website is designed with additional features from third-party providers, making it a comprehensive tool to help your business efficiently organise various events. We ensure that you have a secure and reliable platform to make the most of these third-party functionalities, allowing you to easily manage and coordinate all your events with confidence. With WebGlobals, you can finally focus on what truly matters: making memories that shine brighter than the Sun!