Sahil Jain

Content Writer

Neither Rich nor Skillful as Batman, Just Finds Him Cool
Sahil Jain is a content writer at WebGlobals and his being inspired by Batman says a lot about him. He believes in smart work, rather than being lucky and stumbling upon something great (he’s too unlucky for that to happen).

His work revolves around writing blogs and content for websites, social media, and anything that calls for creativity. Wait a minute, the very words that you are reading right now are written by him. Hmm…did I just break the fourth wall?

Sahil’s hobby is listening to music, rap in particular. Some soft music helps him calm down when things get rough, or when he needs some motivation, a good upbeat song would do the job for him.

A thought that keeps him going is that if he doesn’t give it his all today, he might regret it 10 years down the line. This single thought of failing and not being happy with his “if choices” keeps him in check and motivated.