Utkarsh Singh

Associate Partner

Utkarsh has a keen eye, something that he gets from Hawkeye, his favourite Marvel character.

Utkarsh is a cool boss to work with, always calm and composed. His expertise can be seen in the field of graphics and UI/UX where he enjoys making designs that would put a huge exclamation mark on your face, and we mean it.

Since Utkarsh is an associate partner at WebGlobals, his work generally involves project management, business development, and supervising all processes that are performed in our house of creation daily…yup, he is one busy guy.

Apart from his work life, Utkarsh is an active person, playing badminton and tennis, hanging out with kids, and even reading/listening to books (does he ever feel exhausted???).

“In a day, when you don’t come across any problems – you can be sure that you are traveling in the wrong path”

― Swami Vivekananda

Hmmm, these are some wise words that Utkarsh finds his inspiration from. Surely something that can guide us well in all of our paths.