Vinutha Shriyan

Key Account Manager

Vinutha is the Wonder Woman, Quite Literally
Vinutha creates a balance within WebGlobals by working closely with every department, every person, and on every project. If someone among us is closest to being a real-life superhero, it would be her.

It’s not just her absolute work as a Key Account Manager that makes her viable, but also her expertise and knowledge in all fields of work. She is a jack of all trades while also being an ace…yup, it’s confusing how she manages that.

Vinutha is a multitasker, even when it comes to her hobbies. From making wax candles to reading, and from listening to songs to singing, she does it all in her free time.

“The only thing standing between you and outrageous success is continuous progress.” This single quote makes Vinutha do whatever she can and cannot, it motivates her the most.